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Stephane Kossmann photographer

Stephane Kossmann Photographer


Stephane Kossmann breathes the film festival environment and uses the red carpet like it is his biotope.
The star walk alongside the press creates its own universe, mostly directed, but… not every detail is controlled. Exactly those open moments are completely filleted by Stephane, there is no escape from his sharp eye, which catches every part of a second that the stars are letting go of their poses and wished-for image. Stephane creates this own world on the carpet and picks up moments of relaxation, energy and honest personality. He’s the only one in the world seeing this perfectly directed star-filled bowl as an opportunity, not as a restriction. A raw mise-en-scene for his unique photographic talents.
Stéphane Kossmann shares his time between New York and France continuing his freelance career in his quest for sincerity.

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2023 March 9th Sofitel New-York photography exhibit

2023 March 9th Sofitel New-York photography exhibit

We cordially invite you to view Stephane Kossmann’s latest exhibition at Sofitel New York. At Sofitel we take pride in fostering the strong link between French chic and the fast paced City of New York. Please join us and immerse yourself in the dynamic intersection of...