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Observations on the steps in Cannes

(French) hardcover book | 2004

Stéphane Kossmann has been accredited for this event for more than thirty years, but instead of proposing the “usual” images taken by all the media, he realizes, on the steps, in an almost obsessive way, living portraits in black and white of these artists that he knows how to approach (and hang) by his natural kindness and by his high stature which naturally places him well above his colleagues.
The result is amazing and intimate images (despite the crowd) which are gathered in this book beautifully laid out by Peter Knapp (who also signs the preface) and which are analyzed by François Cheval (historian of photography and curator of the Niepce museum). Géraldine Chaplin, convinced of the exceptional quality of Stéphane Kossmann’s new artistic approach, gives us her words to illustrate his portrait.

Black & White Carpet

(French) hardcover book | 2012

The result of twenty-five years of work, this book presents a selection of Stéphane Kossmann’s most beautiful photos taken at the foot of the mythical steps of the Cannes Festival.
The journalist Laurent Weil (Canal+) accompanies the photos with short texts, instant portraits of the actors and directors present in the book.
“With my images, mainly in black and white, I wanted to prolong the magic of cinema and restore the emotion I can feel at the end of a screening.
The red carpet of Cannes is a consecration for all the actors. Watching them is for me a unique spectacle that is renewed every year. Impossible to predict their reaction, even for the most famous among them. Fear-stricken, drunk with happiness to the point of ecstasy, advancing like warriors on the assault of the palace, they do not look at me.
In the tumult at the bottom of the stairs, my solitude unites with theirs.” S.K.

We met in Cannes

(French / English) hardcover book | 2017

“The climb up the steps of the Palais des Festivals at the Cannes Film Festival is a difficult moment for any actor. During the three minutes it takes to climb the red carpet, the actor is under the eyes of more than 150 professional photographers snapping over 2000 shots. Stéphane Kossman does not call the actors by their name. He avoids those who look into his lens. He observes and waits for that neutral moment, those fleeting instants where the star forgets the camera.”

Peter Knapp, Preface of the book “OBSERVATIONS on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival” by Stéphane Kossmann, photographer (editions Marval).

We met in Deauville

(French) hardcover book | 2020

The result of 25 years of work, this book presents a selection of Stéphane Kossmann’s most beautiful photos on the mythical red carpet of the Deauville American Film Festival.

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