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Stéphane Kossmann photographs the diversity of crowds, where, in a context of galloping globalization, each must cultivate his or her difference to exist.


Cultures mix, distances are shortened, fences brought down to the ground. One goes from being a citizen of a village, of a country, to becoming a citizen of the world. CROSS shows us where we stand in this mélange of genres. Difference as a means of expression

Each is seemingly similar to the others and yet so different. By observing these unsuspecting passersby, crossing paths at the corner of urban streets, we recognize each individually for his or her particularity. Evidently for the color of his or her skin, but also and mostly for a stance in the moment of waiting, for the originality of a presence, a way of holding a bag, a jacket…

Then we understand that we have to accentuate the difference between ourselves and the others in order that we may exist in the midst of such multitude.

For one to stare at another in the street is rarely acceptable – sometimes it might even be considered risky behavior. Thanks to the artist, to his images, we are granted the permission to do, in complete safety, what we otherwise wouldn’t.

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